Why These 6 Bad Habits are Putting You Behind – Entrepreneur

Why These 6 Bad Habits are Putting You Behind – Entrepreneur

Let’s talk about bad habits. No, not the hit song released by superstar musician Ed Sheeran. We’re talking about the little things you do every day that are slowly chipping away at your quality of life and personal well-being.

When looking for a featured image for this article — I noted that almost every photo under “bad habits” showed an individual smoking. Smoking is awful for you and a filthy habit — but there are SO many bad habits that will take a person down a rabbit hole faster than smoking will.

The bad habits listed in this piece are “light” bad habits, easily changed to better your life.

This short list doesn’t take into account drug use, sleeping too long, going everywhere late (tardiness), driving too fast, or being distracted like an idiot (my brother was hit on his bike by a cell phone driver) — allowing yourself to dislike a person based on gender, race, or any other social issue you perceive as “incorrect.” The social issues that we face at this time in history are all bad habits that we will want to work hard to erase in our lives.

Any tribal prejudice can be changed in our own lives. Things like discriminatory behaviors in the workplace or anywhere else need to be addressed in our own life because we want to change — not because society is forcing something upon us. Behaviors or attitudes toward out-groups based on in-group thought should be faced squarely in ourselves — they are bad habits, and you can change them.

Habits come in many shapes and sizes. These range from your regular morning routine to the nervous ticks that get you through the workday. Some habits are beneficial, like refilling your water bottle often to remind you to stay hydrated. Others are not so great, like biting your fingernails, chewing on your hair, or talking too fast when you’re nervous.

There are some bad habits that are relatively harmless. However, there are others that can seriously be putting you behind in the race of life. This list outlines some of the most common and detrimental habits that can snowball into significant problems — but note — most of these bad habits are an easy fix.

1. Staying Up Too Late

Sleep is an essential part of everyday life. Without proper sleep, it’s incredibly difficult to function. Just think about the last time you worked a shift after a rough night. Did you find it difficult to remain focused and motivated? Just imagine how you would feel after several consecutive nights of little sleep.

The common culprit when it comes to tiredness and fatigue is a bad nighttime routine. Without planning to, you’ll end up watching Netflix for too long or scrolling on your phone way past your bedtime. Soon your alarm will be set for only five hours, and you’ve already set yourself up for failure in the morning.

To fix this habit, you need to exhibit a little more discipline. Set a bedtime for yourself and stick to it. If you really have to, consider setting up a personal schedule that covers everything from brushing your teeth to turning off the lights. As …….

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