Living Inside the Loop: Bad Habits Lead to Bad Health – The National Herald

Living Inside the Loop: Bad Habits Lead to Bad Health – The National Herald

The ‘Modern’ Western way of living, especially in big cities, created some stereotypes – like the way we eat or socialize every day or on special occasions. It is true that many people have bad habits because they do not know that they are bad! Or even worse, they think they eat healthy, so they think that health is on their side.

The Greek traditional way of living, includes not only diet but socialization. It is a general ‘way of doing,’ that has made the famous Ikaria Island the island of longevity.

And there are the ‘Epirus grandmothers’ – who climb mountains until their late 80s. Until today you can see all these in Greece. It is not just the ‘Mediterranean diet;’ it is the way we chat, eat, drink, and have fun.

Maybe it is also due to a subconscious blessing we feel about all the sunny days we experience here. Maybe it is because we usually drink with ‘geia mas’ company and not alone at home with our thoughts.

One way or another, replacing one ‘bad’ or ‘not so good’ habit with better ones makes the difference. Also, combinations of habits are important. I can remember a professor in my Botanic Garden Diploma program enjoying tea with a cigarette. What a controversy! Yes, everybody has bad habits, big or small, but recognizing them is the only way to keep a balance. It is a matter of perspective.

So, you can start from today. Small steps are big steps. Just replacing a cup of hot chocolate with a cut of herbs and honey, staying away from a Monday ‘beer night’ and enjoying a beverage of herbs instead. Cutting smoking and alcohol just in half can make a difference.

Reducing stress is a core principle – find your connections with people again after the harsh COVID years. Communicate and share thoughts. Don’t feel shy – you will be surprised how often people share the same problems.

You have two homes, the Earth and your body. Take care of them.

* The above is not medical advice but mere suggestions for improving your diet. Before reach herbal use you should consult your doctor, especially those who have health issues, are pregnant or are under the age of 6.

Evropi-Sofia Dalampira holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics and an Msc in Botany-Biology.



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