Ring in the New Year with Tips to Defeat Addiction: A Washington Post Guide

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1. How to Combat Peer Pressure and Strengthen Your Abstinence Habits
2. Making Life Changes? Here’s How to Resist Peer Pressure
3. From Being Tempted to Taking 10,000 Steps: A Guide to Abstinence

Overcoming peer pressure can be difficult when you’re striving to give up unwanted habits. Whether you’re aiming to quit drinking, smoking or indulging in certain treats, taking the first steps can be difficult, especially when everyone else around you is participating in different activities. But, there are still ways to make the right choices and practice abstinence without feeling out of place.

Reducing Social Activity
Making these life changes can be hard if you’re surrounded by those that still partake in the habits you’re attempting to break. A great way to reduce these temptations and begin the first steps to abstinence is to reduce your social activity. Spend more time with those who are sensitive to your desire for change. Instead of visiting bars and restaurants where high-calorie treats and alcoholic beverages may be sold, opt for healthier alternatives, such as walking office hours and dates with people who have the same goals as you.

Connect With Like-Minded Individuals
If you feel isolated due to your abstinence, find other like-minded individuals who can encourage and motivate you to stay on track. Meeting new people and being in a positive environment can make it easier to reject temptation, as you may not want to stray from the goals you want to achieve.

Set Goals
Staying focused on your goals is key to practising abstinence and staying away from certain activities that can bring you back to your old habits. You need to be clear on what you’re getting rid of and assess the goals you have for the future. Setting small goals for yourself can provide direction and help you celebrate even the smallest of accomplishments.

Top Tip
It’s important to stay active and if you can, aim to hit your recommended 10,000 steps throughout the day. Not only will this give you a sense of accomplishment, but it’ll also keep your mind off temptation and allow you to focus on the bigger picture.

Practising abstinence can be difficult if you’re in an environment that encourages indulging in activities that you’re avoiding. But by reducing your social activity, connecting with like-minded individuals and setting goals for your future, you can stay on track and build up a strong level of self-control.